Berlín 2019 – Snemmskráning hafin

Snemmskráning er hafin á ráðstefnuna 2019. 

Búið er að opna fyrir skráningu á heimsráðstefnuna,

Þá er einnig opið á skráningu á EABCT í Sofia í september,

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Snemmskráning EABC Bulgariu


48th Annual Congress of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies
Sofia, Bulgaria
Sept. 5-8, 2018

Do not miss the chance to register with an Early Bird registration fee by April 20th, 2018!
Register here!

Abstract submission is still open!

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Ham hljóðvarp

Eiríkur Örn kom í morgunþátt Rásar 1 að morgni 14. desember 2017 og fjallaði m.a. um HAM o.fl.

Viðtalið hefst á 55. mínútu

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Opið málþing 2. des. á Hilton Nordica

Hvað getur hugræn atferlismeðferð (HAM) gert fyrir mig?

Opið málþing í tilefni 30 ára afmælis félags um hugræna atferlismeðferð

 12:00  Húsið opnar

12:45 – 13:00  Dagskrá hefst 

Saga Garðarsdóttir fundarstjóri

13:05 – 13:25  Hvað er HAM? 

Sjöfn Evertsdóttir, formaður Félags um hugræna atferlismeðferð og sálfræðingur á Áfalla- og sálfræðimiðstöðinni

13:30 – 13:50 Saga HAM félagsins

Dr. Eiríkur Örn Arnarson, Prófessor við Háskóla Íslands, sérfræðingur í klínískri sálfræði og sálfræðingur á Landspítala Háskólasjúkrahúsi

13:55 – 14:15 Sérnám meðferðaraðila í HAM: Skiptir það máli í meðferð?

Margrét Birna Þórarinsdóttir, fagstjóri náms í Hugrænni atferlismeðferð við Endurmenntun Háskóla Íslands og sálfræðingur á Sálstofunni

14:15 – 14:40 Kaffihlé

14:40 – 15:00 HAM við fíknivanda

Hjördís Tryggvadóttir, sálfræðingur á fíknigeðdeild Landspítala Háskólasjúkrahúsi

15:05 – 15:25 HAM við kvíða

Sóley D. Davíðsdóttir, sérfræðingur í klínískri sálfræði og sálfræðingur á Kvíðameðferðarstöðinni

15:30 – 15:50 HAM við þunglyndi

Inga Hrefna Jónsdóttir, forstöðusálfræðingur á Reykjalundi og sérfræðingur í klínískri sálfræði

15:55 – 16:10 Heiðursverðlaun fyrir mikilvægt framlag til þágu HAM á Íslandi:

1.      Framlag á svið menntunar og innleiðingar HAM á Íslandi

2.      Framlag á sviði fræðslu um HAM til almennings

16:15 – 17:00  Setið fyrir svörum –

                        Fyrirlesarar og fulltrúi frá heilsugæslunni


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Fréttir frá EABCT

New members of EABCT
The General Meeting of EABCT that was held on September 15th in Ljubljana welcomed the following associations:
The Albanian Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy  – AACBT as a full member.
And the following associations as affiliate member:
Cyprus Association of Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapists – CACBP
Egyptian Association of Cognitive Behavior Therapy – EACBT
Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapy (Russia, St. Petersburg)

Information on all associations can be found in the EABCT website,, section About EABCT/Member Associations.

EABCT Projects: A way to fund projects that benefit EABCT member associations
Projects are a way of the EABCT encouraging and promoting the development of CBT throughout its European network. Since their introduction in 2010, Member Associations have the opportunity to plan and organise scientific activities for further training, research and collaboration between different regions, and receive partial or full financial support (funding).EABCT member associations can ask for a grant for projects every year. Deadline is December 1st. Information: >>>

EABCT Elections
Dr. Thomas Kalpakoglou from Greece was unanimously re-elected President of EABCT for a second three-year term at the 2nd General Meeting in Ljubljana.

Katy Grazebrook from the UK was elected as the new Secretary at the same meeting.

EABCT Congress Ljubljana 2017 – A look back by Mehmet Sungur, congress president
Distinguished members of the EABCT family, dear representatives and dear colleagues,
Organising international congresses such as EABCT is always both rewarding and challenging in many different ways. However, organising the 47th EABCT Congress was more challenging than ever due to the relocation of the congress which brought in many unexpected issues to be dealt. It is the first time in the history of EABCT that the location of the congress had been changed and we hope it will be the last. During this journey of relocating the congress, we passed through times of fear but transforming fear into freedom became our motto. There were times that we felt damaged but we did not take it as a defeat. We believed that what seems like a loss may turn into an accomplishment and there is nothing permanent except change and acceptance and a meaningful life can exist only in flexibility.
On behalf of the Turkish  Association of CBT, I would like to express my gratitude to our esteemed colleagues and friends who have generously contributed to establish a highly scientific program. Each of them became a rainbow in our clouds. I would like to extend my gratitude to all of the representatives for their kind promotion of the congress and to the 720 delegates attended to represent 57 different countries from all around the world. The theme of the congress was „Bridging dissemination with good practice“ and we chose this theme based on the belief that dissemination is a necessary but not a sufficient construct and dissemination with good and ethical practice is now required for CBT to preserve its prestigious status.
Believing that learning never exhausts the mind, we have organised 16 pre-congress workshops, 39 in-congress workshops, 30 keynotes and plenaries, 12 masterclinician and skills classes, 5 round tables, 1 debate and many symposiums. We have received a great positive feedback from the audience and from many colleagues emphasizing that the scientific program covered a wide range of clinical practice and skills acquisition. We, as the board members of the TACBP, hope that all of the delegates found something meaningful in this congress regardless of whether they are a long standing supporter of EABCT or a brand newcomer.
I hope that you have all enjoyed the congress and returned home with some good memories. Although we would have been delighted to host you in our homeland to show our hospitality and different virtues of the beautiful city of Istanbul, living in a world of uncertainty we still enjoyed the challenge of organising the congress in the beautiful city compact city of Ljubljana and mostly building bridges instead of building walls. Thanks from heart to all of the attendees for coming and joining us and for proving that we are all little drops of water but if we stop dropping alone and merge we can be the ocean.
Cordial regards,
Mehmet Sungur
President of the 47th EABCT Congress

Sixth EABCT SIG Meeting on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Assisi, Italy -
 May, 17-20 2018

Dear colleagues,
I’m glad to announce that the submission phase of the 2018 Meeting on OCD will soon be open.
The Sixth EABCT meeting of the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder will be held in May 2018 in Assisi, ITALY.
Scientific committee
The Scientific committee of the EABCT meeting on OCD is composed by Prof. Reuven Dar, Prof. Marcel van den Hout, and Dr. Amitai Abramovitch.
Important dates:
1. Abstract Submission Deadline: December, 31st 2017
2. Communication of acceptance/rejection: before February 28th 2018
3. Sixth Meeting of the EABCT sig on OCD:  May, 17-20 2018
The meeting is only open to professionals: licensed psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists; researchers and scholars in the field of OCD.
Remember to put the dates May, 17-20 2018 in your diary.
More updates will follow soon.
Barbara Barcaccia, chairperson of the EABCT special interest group on OCD, Francesco Mancini, director of post graduate specialisation schools SPC and APC, Antonio Pinto, past EABCT board member
Contact: Barbara Barcaccia <

Save the date:
5-7 September 2018, 48th EABCT Congress, Sofia, Bulgaria.

This is EABCT Representative Irina Lazarova- Representative from the Bulgarian Association- we will see a lot of her over the next year or so as she works hard on the Sofia Conference 2018!
Information: >>>

17-18 November 2017 – 44th Journées Scientifiques organised by AEMTC, Belgium (French spoken)
Devoted to the theme „Self, Value and Identity in Psychotherapy“, our 44th Scientific Days take place on 17 and 18 November 2017 at the UCL Louvain-la-Neuve site.
The program is developed by prof. Pierre Philippot and his team (University of Louvain). You can also propose a poster.
More information on the AEMTC website.

22-24 February 2018 – 5th Annual Congress Egyptian Association of Cognitive Behavior Therapy
More information:

EPA 2018 Mental Health – Integrate, Innovate, Individualise
Nice, France, 3 - 6 March 2018
Early Registration Deadline: 10 January 2018

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Síðustu forvöð að skila inn efni

Síðustu forvöð að skila inn efni

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Breytt staðsetning á EABCT ráðstefnunni 2017

Ráðstefnan verður í Ljublana, Sloveníu 13-16. september, en ekki í Tyrklandi líkt og ætlað var. Snemmskráning er til  28. apríl. Nánari upplýsingar hjá

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EABCT 2016 í Stokkhólmi

Kæru félagar

Ráðstefna Evrópusamtaka um hugræna atferlismeðferð er í ár haldin í Stokkhólmi frá 31. ágúst til 3. september næstkomandi  og ber hún yfirskriftina Roots and Present Branches of CBT. Líkt og fyrr eru fjöldi mismunandi og áhugaverðra vinnustofa og erinda í boði og meðal aðalfyrirlesara má nefna Arthur Freeman, Emily Holmes, Joanne Dahl, David M. Clark, Arnoud Arntz, Paul Emmelkamp, Tim Dalgleish, Roz Shafran, Lars-Göran Öst, Anke Ehlers og Judith Beck.

Ráðstefnan fer fram í Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre, sem er nýleg ráðstefnuhöll í hjarta Stokkhólms, við hliðina á Radisson Blu Waterfront hótelinu. Aðstæður í höllinni eru eins og best verður á kosið og aðgengi einstaklega þægilegt. Það tekur innan við fimm mínútur að gagna frá Arlanda Express brautarpallinum að höllinni í gegnum aðaljárnbrautarstöðin (Central Station), sem er beint fyrir utan höllinni.

Áhugaverð skemmtidagskrá hefur verið skipulögð í tengslum við ráðstefnuna. Sem dæmi stendur gestum til boða að fara sér að kostnaðarlausu þann 30. ágúst í Moderna Muséet, gönguferð um Rosendal’s garðinn og After work at Garden. Þann 31. ágúst er búið að skipuleggja frítt Pub Quiz með yfirskriftinni The challenge of the Masters og 1. og 2. september er boðið upp á fría líkamsrækt, Running Experience of Stockholm og Brake of Dawn Acroyoga. Að lokum stendur þeim sem ætla að dvelja lengur í Stokkhólm til boða After Congress Hangout þann 3. september og Picnic Chill Out at Prison Island þann 4. september, að kostnaðarlausu. Svo það eru endalaus tækifæri til að hittast og spjalla við ýmis tækifæri meðan á ráðstefnunni stendur, sem og fyrir hana og eftir.

Nánari upplýsingar um ráðstefnuna má finna á vefslóðinni Vert er að minna á að ódýrasta skráningargjaldið fæst fyrir 31. maí næstkomandi og að meðlimir í félagi um hugræna atferlismeðferð fá afslátt af ráðstefnugjaldi (skrá sig sem „members“ í Evrópusamtökunum).

Með von um að sem flestir sjái sér fært að fara!

Bestu kveðjur,

Sjöfn Evertsdóttir

Formaður félags um hugræna atferlismeðferð.


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Frá Endurmenntun

Vakin er athygli á vinnustofum sem eru á dagskrá hjá Endurmenntun og eru hluti af sérnámi í HAM.

Hér er um að ræða tveggja daga vinnustofur á föstudegi og laugardegi og má sjá nánari upplýsingar hér fyrir neðan.

Hér er tengill:

Jafnframt er komin ný námsskrá fyrir Nám í undirstöðuatriðum hugrænnar atferlismeðferðar sem áætlað er að byrja haust 2016.  Hér er tengill á það: .

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Skráning á EABCT 2016

Nú er komið að því að skrá sig á EABCT 2016. Ódýra gjaldið er til 31. mars.

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